Build the brand of automotive service chain operations

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Building the brand of automotive chain operations “aircraft carrier” is the common goal of all members of the car Jie League. Accumulated by 18 senior industry experience is extremely advantageous resources for effective splicing and integration, through the fight, and incorporated into the upgrade of nuclear and layer by layer to build a new core automotive service chain competitiveness, and service standards to regulate the industry. improve the quality of industry services for the owners to create a good vision for the health, safety, environmental protection, new green car space.

Can be predicted, the car Jie AU weave the terminal chain stores nationwide network on the existing channels providers is a new integration, marking agents as the backbone of the channel will face a new round of adjustment and its upgrade.

Car Jie Union one of its members told the author: As a dealer, we join together to do things is not a good thing. By 18 member companies to invest in the establishment of the Shanghai Public Investment Group Co., Ltd. early planning, we hope that with their resources to act together to build the domestic auto service chain carrier brand of car Jie AU’s position .