EXPAT EXPLAINS: Americans Abroad on Paying Taxes and Renouncing Citizenship 🚫🇺🇸

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EXPAT EXPLAINS: Americans Abroad on Paying Taxes and Renouncing Citizenship 🚫🇺🇸

What do US expats living abroad think about paying US taxes, renouncing their citizenship, voting from overseas, and how the US handled the Coronavirus pandemic? Find out in this video summing up an international Expat Opinion Survey of 4,000 American Citizens living in 125 foreign countries. TIMESTAMPS:

00:00 What do Americans abroad think about the U.S.?
00:10 Expat Opinion Survey 2020-2021
00:30 About the survey (disclaimer)
01:09 What is an Expat, anyway?
01:18 How many US citizens live abroad?
01:25 #1 Expats Don’t Like Paying US Taxes Abroad
02:24 Citizenship-Based Taxation in the US
02:52 #2 US Government’s Handling of Coronavirus
04:17 91% of Americans chose to stay abroad during pandemic
04:31 #3 Renouncing US Citizenship
06:21 #4 Americans Who Voted Abroad in 2020
06:49 Democrats VS. Republicans Abroad
07:26 Why Expats Don’t Vote
08:17 Repealing Citizenship-Based Taxation
08:40 WhyI Left Costa Rica and How I See the US After Living Abroad

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NOTE: This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not individual consulting or tax advice. Please consult a licensed professional and any relevant authorities such as your local government, airline, embassy, consulate, and/or tourism providers before booking international travel, moving abroad, filing a tax return, or applying for a work permit or work and travel visa.

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