Indian IT industry paid $15 bn in taxes to US govt in 5 years ?(ET – Java Training Courses)

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“Indian technology firms are deeply committed to the US marketplace. Both they and their employees are important contributors in their local communities as well as the country as a whole,” NASSCOM President Som Mittal said in a statement.Java Training Courses
The report ‘India’s Tech Industry in the US’ said that Indian technology industry has paid more than USD 15 billion in taxes to the US Treasury in the last five years thereby aiding economic recovery in the US.Also, Indian technology companies have invested more than USD 5 billion through 128 acquisitions saving and sustaining thousands of jobs in the USA, report added.It also said that the direct workforce employed in the US by the Indian IT sector has almost doubled in the last five years to 107,000 and estimates that industry supports more than 280,000 jobs in the US, growing even in a weak economic environment.”Leading Indian companies have increased their campus recruitment efforts in the recent years and plan to increase the number of offers made by up to four times in the next two years,” a NASSCOM statement said.Most of these indirect jobs span across various sectors and at every level in the US economy, it added.”It is estimated that industry has invested thousands of hours in community service that have touched half-a-million American lives,” the report said.

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