Brand explosion-proof membrane price is not necessarily inevitable

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Car film giants Solutia Inc. announced that it will Saflex polyvinyl butyral (PVB) product mix, price increases by 5% in early June of this year, came into effect from July 1, 2011. , ASWF Eric, USA (American Standard) The general manager of the insulation film, Mr. Wu said, has received the notice of the United States Eric factory price adjustment, prices from July 1 hike.

5-10 months of this explosion-proof membrane sales season, after mid-May, the hot weather in Guangzhou, even grim, by convention, the local explosion-proof membrane market began to heat up. However, I recently learned from some of the local film shop and 4S shop, this year’s explosion-proof membrane market is showing shrinking. In addition to the automobile market in the doldrums, the main reason is the selling pressure in recent months, the price of the raw materials of the explosion-proof membrane.

Prices, Weifang the Hongji Albert Auto Service Co., Ltd. (turtle Dr), operational headquarters manager Han Zhentao (prices) this idea, but has not yet been implemented. The entire operating costs of the enterprise greatly improved, and money improperly money. Who do not like the prices, but had to rise. Companies need to survive the need for operators, prices is an inevitable trend.

The new foreign Glass Film Co., managers yellow up, raw material prices is the most direct factor to cause the product prices, but for the explosion-proof membrane broker channel-dependent choice of products, even if the prices of first-line wholesalers , brokers, but the profit margins shrink, does not necessarily lead to collective rise in product prices. The overall price increase is not an inevitable trend, just a rumor or just a transient phenomenon.

The author in an interview, companies are Road to clear prices is a trend, operators there are a lot of pressure, but the intense competition in the industry, many businesses can not lightly prices, because it means losing the initiative in market competition, so businesses Even if the prices are also very careful, consumers might see between the market price. Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality.

But most of the explosion-proof membrane enterprises, in particular, imports of explosion-proof membrane enterprises, although the cost pressure, want to price increases is not so easy. Experts believe that after years of rapid development, the current domestic explosion-proof membrane is more and more, very competitive, coupled with the national enterprises, self-production and marketing capacity to enhance the impact, many foreign brand explosion-proof membrane enterprises to stabilize the domestic market, Of course not dare to price increases.

However, if raw material prices continue to go up brands word within the cost pressures, even if the competition fierce, the prices of automotive films will become a reality. In fact, by the the Solutia middle membrane price impact, 3M, Wei solid, Long film brand film has sent a clear signal prices.

It is understood that some well-known brand of film across the country have begun to quietly price or proposed price adjustment plan, the planning department of the Ray-Ban, Miss Peng saidArticle Search, “Le Pen” has developed in early hike plan and is being gradually implemented.