Trump’s short-term insurance tactics a mixed signal to consumers and future of healthcare industry

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Consumers may be forced to think about health insurance short term under many circumstances and due to many reasons. Having health coverage is mandatory and invites a tax penalty. Other reasons to have short term coverage is to avoid complications and higher rates in future. Short term health insurance policy provides temporary care during unexpected coverage gaps.

Short term health insurance policies are cheap with insufficient coverage having large deductibles. Choosing health insurance short term is taking care of just-in-case policy for a numbers of reasons created by the current ambiguity of Trump’s administration attitude. However, for reasons you cannot ignore, limited incomes are forcing a large section of our population to either go without appropriate coverage or simply make do with short term health insurance. Interestingly, knowledge about health insurance cannot do an iota to help you select or buy long term health insurance. This is exemplified by the case of Holly Monger, 62, self employed working with clients saddled with medical bills and educating them about all kinds of care options. 

Even though she appears to be a least likely candidate for buying short term health insurance policy, Obamacare public health insurance exchange is too expensive for her. She has to make do with a short term coverage $400 monthly premiums which is costing her less than half the prices of private healthcare plans. Evidently, since she is forced to choose this alternative, she has bought the best short term health insurance available in the market place. But don’t forget she and anyone else going the same way has to pay the $695 federal tax penalty, too.

Actually, short term health insurance policies came into renewed limelight only recently. This is highlighted by increased online searches for affordable short term health insurance quotes across the country. The occasion was President Donald Trump signing an executive order directing federal agencies to consider reversing an Obama-era rule. The creation of ACA – affordable care act tried to limit enrollment in short term health care for only three months at a time. Since a large population migrated to these policies as ACA – affordable care act become high priced and out of bounds, removing this limitation appears to be only fair to many. The truth is there is a growing concern nationwide about the  reliability and dependability on ACA – affordable care act.

One case of a person unable to enroll in ACA – affordable care act or buy private healthcare is just a tiny example case in point. A glimpse into short term health insurance policy market place could be very enlightening. There is clear indications that what the general public of different ages and incomes think is affordable and what the nation’s government is planning. Admittedly, Trump and other critics like him are denouncing unaffordable full-fledged plans either in ACA – affordable care act or private market place. They want an alternative where an increasing number of consumers are turning to health insurance quotes online for their short term requirements.

No one can increase their income exponentially overnight, except those who make a killing on the speculative stock markets. In as far as Trumps move is concerned, a move that is immediately sensed nationwideComputer Technology Articles, it could start a significant migration of ACA – affordable care act customers towards short term coverage. This is leaving sickest people and shooting up ACA premiums.