How to Cure Cold Sore Easily Naturally and Forever

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Dear Frustrated Cold Sore Sufferer,

A cold sore is also called a fever blister, its technical name is herpes simplex virus. Seventy percent of the population in Australia is affected by the herpes simplex virus. It is a contagious virus and it spreads from one person to another very quickly.

This virus spreads through saliva, physical contact, utensils, clothes and cotton used at the affected area, peeled dead skin, etc. Temporary treatment is available for this virus but there is no permanent cure yet. Research for permanent cure is being conducted in the United States of America.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this famous saying applies here also. People affected with this virus can get temporary relief by using various tablets and ointments. It is important to keep this virus dormant by following strict diet regime and exercise. This virus affects the same place continuously within short intervals of time if it is not kept dormant.

We humans contract this disease from person to person. We suffer from cold sores because of our inability to stay healthy. Cold sores are anaerobic, meaning they do not require oxygen to survive. If our body has normal levels of oxygen then this virus would have fallen dormant because of its weakness in getting activated. These viruses need to get triggered so that they can actively affect the sensitive parts of the human body such as nostrils, face, eye lids, etc. Deficient levels of oxygen provide a breeding ground for herpes simplex virus. Other viruses also get triggered and become active if the oxygen content in your body is below normal.

Another important reason why these viruses thrive in your body is acidity. These viruses thrive in acidic climate rather than alkaline climate. Your body is alkaline when you can maintain your body pH levels at 7.0. The human body remains stable at a pH level of 7.0. Anything below 7.0 will trigger the herpes simplex virus and you will be having visible blisters. The human body is prone to diseases when the alkaline content in your body falls to below 7.0, it loses the ability to fight harmful viruses and disease causing bacteria. Bacteria and disease fighting cells of our human body cannot survive at pH levels below 7.0.

So, after reading how painful cold sores can beFeature Articles, an ounce of prevention is definitely the way to go.