Numbers increasing in US study visa programs

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There’s good news for all the Indians. The recent win of Mr. Donald Trump in American presidential elections has led to a massive increase in the number of Indian students who are now coming to America. As per the data generated by Student and Exchange Visitor Program(SEVP), there has been an increase of 31% over the number of Indian students coming to America.

There has a jump in the number of both graduate and postgraduate students coming to this country to receive education.  In fact, the students from India in March 2015 who enrolled in the US were 148,360 and the same number was 194,438 for March this year. The student category visas in the US to international students are issued in two categories, F and M.  As per this report, out of the enrolled numbers, almost 82% have taken admission in science, technical, engineering and mechanical (STEM) educational backgrounds.  In fact, Indian students in these categories are more than all the other countries. The enrolment of students in Indian schools has also increased by 6.2%.

Although the number of students from India in the US has increasedBusiness Management Articles, the number of such schools accepted Indian admissions has gone down by 3%. It’s also important to note that the US is still the hub of technical education with almost 40% of international students enrolled in STEM-based courses. You can get in touch with an experienced visa consultancy to get your F1/J1 study visa process expedited. Getting admission in top notch universities in America can really take your career upward.