Things that Hookah smokers must know during Covid

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Apparently, it seems you are also trying to figure out ways to stop the spread. Indeed, this isn’t the first place to tell you that Covid 19 can spread by any means as the world is still unknown to the medium of spreading, and therefore it brings the need for taking every preventive measure for the best of your health. With passing days, the severity is constantly increasing, and therefore nothing but self-isolation has become a necessity. In such situations, most of the hookah lounges are shut as they do not want to make gatherings and increase the risk.

The range of information available in the market about the things that you should and the things that you should not do not have anything related to hookah. Therefore, we are here to offer valuable information about the hookahset and the way to maintain safety. 

These are the tips gathered from different areas. But we have buckled up all of them to make one and help people not to get sick. 

Do not Share your Hookah: 

Not that it’s a pandemic going on, you definitely have an excuse of not sharing your hookah with anyone else. Anyways, keeping jokes aside, it is truly advisable in this extraordinary situation not to share Hookahs with anyone else – not even your best friend. Hookahs that come with separate hoses or the disposable hose is not safe as it is possible that the person can infect you while smoking. 

Chances are there that the user can push the smoke into the base, which will again be inhaled by the other person. Therefore, if you are willing to bring your best friend home and offer a magnificent hookah session, choose to buy two different hookahs. 

Make use of clean and tody equipment: 

Make sure of keeping your equipment clean and tidy after every use and even before using it. To that being said, you have to make use of the disinfectants and nothing like using Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning metals can be a good choice. There are several other solutions available these days that have been formulated keeping in mind the adaptability of the virus and the metal products. 

Therefore, the bottom line is, no matter whatever you are using or wherever you are, do not forget to wash the hookah prior to use and after use, with a disinfectant solution. 

Make sure others around you are making use of clean equipment: 

When you are bringing people to your home, undeniably they are a threat. But then again, if you are sure about their history and health, you can definitely invite them. Although when it is about a Hookah party, you make sure you give them another piece, but make sure it is clean. Just because they are not using your hose or bowl or the Hookah, does not mean you can be ignoring their health and giving them something old. Make sure that the Hookah and its accessories are thoroughly cleaned. 

Even if you have asked your friends to bring their hookah just to keep the need for going out away, you must make sure that the equipment they are using is clean. You don’t want to become a threat to you or your family, and therefore taking precautions is always a safe choice. 

Don’t smoke if you are not feeling good: 

When you are smoking Hookah, you must know that it gives buzzes, not fever. But then again, if you are not feeling good, you must know that Hookah is not a medicine that can magically make you feel better. We understand that this will not sound great to the smoker, but amidst the infection, smoking hookah can cause respiratory problems. In case you have a persisting breathing problem, try to skip smoking hookah during this time. 

But if you are feeling emotionally down but you are physically fine, you can definitely go for it. Buy a hookahset if you don’t have one and customize it as per your requirements to enjoy a great hookah session. 

Stay upbeat: 

You must be knowing already that when you are in a good mood, your mind will work better, so your body functioning along with the immune system. No doubt, we are all living in stress, and mental balance is an essential part of our life, but if you are willing to get a perfect balance, you must hangout. 

Gathering is not ok right now, but if you have your friends and family whom you know along with their history, you can ask them for a hookah party. But remember, the thumb rule remains the same, do not share your Hookah. 

What we want to say is to make sure that you are not feeling too much stressed or anxious. This will directly have an impact on the immune system. 

Buy hookah from a reliable brand: 

This is the last thing that you must take care of. This is applicable for the beginners who have just dropped in the segment and is willing to experience smoking. You would require a hookah and its equipment that is safe and have optimum quality. 

There are several names available in the market offering a complete hookah set up, but not everyone is worth trusting. Make sure to check their portfolio and review before choosing anyone just to make sure that you are making the right investment. 

Bottom Line: 

These are some of the most common things that you need to maintain in the pandemic is staying clean and tidy. You must also stay away from gathering just to ensure that you stay fit. However, if they are your family, you cannot say a no. If you are sure about their history, you definitely can. Hookah is safe whether it’s pandemic or not, but make sure you know your limits and don’t get yourself into some threat. 

However, if you enjoy alone timeComputer Technology Articles, you can just buy a hookahset and enjoy a pleasant smoking time.