Breast Augmentation: How To Get Ready

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 Of course, your doctor will have given you instructions on how to prepare, but if you haven’t gotten to that stage yet, it won’t hurt to have the basics in mind beforehand. If you’ve yet to have your first primary consultation, here’s what you can likely expect. Breast augmentation, like many forms of plastic surgery, is an intensely personal kind of operation. Yours will not be exactly like anyone else’s. You will choose the size and you will also likely have a say in the material used and possibly even the technique that is used to place the implant into your chest. These things will all be discussed when you meet with your doctor. Nine times out of ten, he will have his own preferences when it comes to technique, and he may also recommend a material, whether it be silicone or saline. When it comes to size, however, that is something you will have to decide on your own. You can use pictures of celebrities or models that match what you would like to achieve. In turn, your doctor will tell you whether or not what you want is realistic.In addition to going over your hopes for an outcome, this consultation is the time when you should be bringing to light any concerns you might have about breast augmentation. Any rumors you may have heard, anything you may have read on the internet: bring these concerns up to your doctor and let him respond. It may be helpful to make a list before your appointment so you don’t get home and realize you forgot to ask something important.If you’ve already had your consultation and have made your final appointment, it is imperative that you follow any instructions your doctor may have given you. This is especially true when it comes to smoking. If you are a smoker, lay off for at least a week before your surgery. Nicotine interferes with the healing process and can cause complications during the operation. Take any medications you’ve been given and cease taking any you’ve been instructed to stop. Otherwise, get excited about your new body and remember you’re doing something millions of women have done before. It will be all over with soon and you’ll have a new shape you can be proud of.Source: Free Articles from

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