The use of retinoic acid in cosmetics

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Retinoic acid is currently an ingredient that the mainstream dermatology unanimous praises. It is one of the two trump cards in dermatology drugs for acne and aging two skin problems. Because doing well, A acid gradually turns into a daily skin care products from medical drugs.

Retinoic acid and vitamin A is the same class of compounds which can be transformed with each other in the body. Vitamin A has long been considered a vitamin, but the new view is that it acts like a hormone. Vitamin A into the skin by specific enzymes into retinoic acid is tretinoin. Dollars generated through a combination of the six cells acid receptor, the physiological role of the dozens. Where in the skin surface can be confirmed by the following effects: anti-inflammatory response, regulation of epidermal cell growth and differentiation, and promote collagen production, improve the function of sebaceous glands, and reversal of photoaging phenomenon, inhibiting melanin production, promote the thickening of the dermis layer.

During the time of using Vitamin A acid, dry skins should use mild f wash products or oil cover retinoic acid. So that the best results reduce irritation, better fat-soluble retinoic acid to penetrate the skin within layer. Began to use low concentrations, only change the skin to adapt to high concentrations. Retinoic acid can not, after the moisture or water weight thing best moisturizing coated finished retinoic acid after 30 minutes of things.

After some period of time of use, some people have retinoic acid inflammation. It is not hormone face. Retinoic acid is adapted by the skin. After the adaptation, skin can adapt to retinoic acid, an allergic reaction. And continuous use of glutathione entered into a consolidation phase after a year later. As long as one week, it uses one to three times on the line. The correct way to use can improve the inflammation symptoms.

Retinoic acid should be used in the evening. The fat-soluble stays long in the skin and has diffusion. In the day, people need to strengthen the anti sun. Retinoic acid capillary thickening, so many people there will be redness of the phenomenon in a large temperature difference between the environments will become Guan Gong surface, so it is best to avoid these environments. Retinoic acid up is recommended to be used continuously for one year, but not required consecutive year. Taking into account the side effects, so do not recommend long-term high-dose use. Retinoic acid is fat soluble and absorbed into the body may not stay long in the body caused by excessive. Coated with dimension A acid has been used whether pregnant or not.

The retinoic acid with low price is a very attractive component which cans anti-keratinization, inhibit acne, reduce the formation of melanin and reduce pigmentation, increase collagen and anti-inflammatory. Does not retinoic acid really have any harm on skins? In fact, retinoic acid and astaxanthin are drugs with a very stimulating ingredient. There will be many side effects. Retinoic acid dermatitis: redness, peeling, dryness, itching, pain. Photosensitivity: UV protection weakened. The initial deterioration: in the first three months, the pigmentation skin becomes blacker. For worsen acne skin acne, fine lines may become deeper. Thinning of the skin: the retinoic acid promotes angiogenesis and makes a little thinning of the outermost horny. If it is the redness skinFeature Articles, people should be cautious in retinoic acid use.Source: