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Blackberry phones have always been a state of the art technology and there has been a lot to talk about them. With the latest Blackberry 8520 Curve deals, there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm between buyers. People are looking ahead to the new handset as a star ever since it had been announced in the recent past. The phone is 3G enabled and runs on the Blackberry OS 6.0. This happens to be the latest operating system in the series of different models. The operating system of the phone is assisted by a 512 MHz CPU that takes the work load of the phone very efficiently. The handset also has an internal 256 internal memory which can be extended up to 32GB.The handset has a 2MP camera with a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels with video recording feature. With the QWERTY keypad and the HTML browser, it gets very easy to browse the internet and operate between its different applications. To give you better connectivity compatibility, the phone has Wi-Fi that would allow you to connect to a network area in no time. With the document viewer/editor features, you can use different Microsoft files like Word, Excel, PDF etc.Blackberry 8520 Curve deals are available with all leading networks in the country. The handset comes at great offers and cheap prices for new as well as existing customers. You would have the Blackberry 8520 contract deals with O2 at different tariffs and phone incentives. The handset comes free of cost where you would have to pay a Line Rental of £10.5 for a 24 months contract. The tariff would give you 50 minutes and 250 texts. As a free gift, the company is offering 4 months free Line Rental. If you are looking for more free minutes and texts with some data, you may go for the O2 600 B tariff. This has a Lime Rental of £42 and offers you 600 minutes and unlimited texts with 500MB of data usage. It is an 18 months contract with O2 giving back £225 cashback with every new connection as a complimentary gift.Among other Blackberry 8520 Curve contract deals, you may have a look at the different tariffs that Orange has to offer. The network gives the new handset for free and in the Panther 6BB tariff, you would have to pay a Line Rental of £26 for 24 months tenure. In this pan, you would have 200 minutes, limited texts and 750MB of data usage. As a gift, the network provider also gives you £160 auto cashback with every new connection. There are more tariffs with other networks like Vodafone, Three, Tmobile etc where you may choose among different options that suit best to your needs.Source: Free Articles from

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