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Tiger Woods thought he was in Florida after high-speed crash
<div><img src=”×1909+127+110/resize/800×450!/format/jpg/quality/85/″ class=”ff-og-image-inserted”></div><p><em>Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva (Getty Images).</em></p>

<p><a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:0;”>Golf</a> great Tiger Woods wasn’t sure where he was when a sheriff’s deputy interviewed him after his one-<span class=”highlight” data-qa-component=”highlight-text”>car&nbsp;</span>crash in February, according to a 22-page report obtained by USA Today.</p>
<p>Woods was in Los Angeles for The <a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:1;”>Genesis</a> Invitational and promotional appearances but told the deputy that he thought he was in Florida, where he makes his permanent residence.</p>
<p>The report details the conversation between deputy Kyle Sullivan and Woods, which took place at the hospital as Woods was receiving stitches for an injury to his face.</p>
<p>”I then asked (Woods) if he is able to tell me about what happened regarding the traffic collision,” Sullivan wrote. Woods “told me he did not remember being involved in a traffic collision. (Woods) thought he was currently in the state of Florida.”</p>
<p>A deputy found Woods’ backpack at the scene, and in a pocket found an empty, unlabeled pill bottle. But investigators decided it was irrelevant to the crash.</p>
<p>The report also revealed that Woods’ blood pressure had fallen “too low to administer any type of pain medication” in the immediate aftermath of the crash, which left the 82-time PGA Tour winner with serious injuries to his right leg.</p>
<p>It also confirmed that Woods was driving in a straight line when he should have attempted to navigate a curve while <a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:2;”>speeding</a> on the morning of Feb. 23.</p>
<p>Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Wednesday at a press conference in downtown Los Angeles that there were no signs of impairment for Woods, who will not face any citations or charges for the crash on Feb. 23.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Deputy Sullivan said he saw no signs that Woods had been drinking or was under the influence of a substance. He said Woods denied taking anything and was quick to answer questions.</p>
<p>”The primary cause or factor for this traffic collision was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway,” Villanueva said.</p>
<p>Villanueva said Woods’ Genesis SUV was traveling an estimated 84 to 87 mph on a stretch of road that has a speed limit of 45 mph.</p>
<p>Woods, 45, struck a raised median, crossed through two oncoming lanes and uprooted a tree before rolling over in Rolling Hills Estates, just outside of Los Angeles.</p>
<p>”Had (Woods) applied his brakes to reduce his speed or steered to correct the direction of travel, he would not have collided with the center median and the collision would not have occurred,” said Sgt. Michael Downing, per the report.</p><p><strong><a href=””></a></strong> <a href=””>(Why?)</a></p> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 21:42:00 +0000 Reuters
Tiger Woods

Porsche issues stop-sale order, recall of 2021 718 Boxster, Cayman models
<div><img src=”×450/format/jpg/quality/85/” class=”ff-og-image-inserted”></div><p><a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:0;”>Porsche</a> has issued a stop-sale on <a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:1;”>718 Spyder</a>, <a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:2;”>Boxster</a> and <a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:3;”>Cayman</a> models equipped with its adored 4.0-liter flat-6 due to a defective batch of engine connecting rods. Porsche says the defective rods may crack and loosen, which can lead to engine failure and other subsequent calamities.&nbsp;</p>
<p>”On the affected vehicles, there is a possibility that connecting rods that were not manufactured according to specification are installed in the engine,” Porsche’s safety report said. “A potential defect in the surface of the connecting rod could lead to cracks, creating a loss of preload on the connecting rod screw connection. A loose connection while driving may cause engine damage, a stall, or an oil leak, increasing the risk of a crash or fire.”</p>
<p>The recall is limited to just 190 examples equipped with the 4.0-liter flat-6, which is offered in the 2021 Cayman GT4, Cayman GTS 4.0, 718 Spyder, and Boxster GTS 4.0. Early signs of failure would include abnormal noise and vibration from the engine.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Per <a href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:4;”><em>Car and Driver</em></a>, Porsche is not aware of any real-world failures, and only 20 of the 190 cars have actually been delivered to customers. All of those customers will receive a new engine. Undelivered cars may simply have their existing engines rebuilt, but Porsche says they will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The delay for customers awaiting yet-undelivered examples could be as much as six months.&nbsp;</p><p><strong><a href=””></a></strong> <a href=””>(Why?)</a></p>
Fri, 09 Apr 2021 19:30:00 +0000 Byron Hurd

Freightliner electric semi and commercial trucks available to order
<div><img src=”×450/format/jpg/quality/85/” class=”ff-og-image-inserted”></div><p><a href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:0;”>Way back in 2018</a>, Freightliner revealed that it was working on electric <a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:1;”>commercial trucks</a> and that it would put a small fleet into service to test them. Three years, 38 trucks and nearly 750,000 miles later, the company has announced that it will start taking orders on its electric trucks with production beginning late next year. Two models are available: the Class 8 tractor eCascadia, and the medium-duty chassis cab eM2.</p>
<p>The eCascadia is available with a one or two motors with output ranging from 360 to <a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:2;”>525</a> horsepower. It has a battery pack with 475 kWh of usable capacity that gives it an estimated range of 250 miles. It is capable of recharging to 80% in about 90 minutes. Those numbers outshine <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:3;”>the Volvo VNR Electric</a>, which in tractor form has a range of only 120 miles, and maximum horsepower is just 455 horsepower. It charges a bit faster, however, at 70 minutes for an 80% charge. The only cab option for the eCascadia is a day cab, just like the <a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:4;”>Volvo</a>.</p>
<p>The smaller eM2 has a single motor, either a 180-horsepower or 300-horsepower unit. It features a smaller 315-kWh battery pack, but still has a range of about <a class=”injectedLinkmain” href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:5;”>230</a> miles. It can recharge a bit faster than the eCascadia reaching an 80% charge in an hour. The chassis cab version of <a href=”” data-ylk=”elm:context_link;itc:0;pos:1;sec:donut-hole;cpos:6;”>the Volvo VNR Electric</a> gets the full 455 horsepower from the tractor variant, but the 150-mile range is still quite a bit less than the Freightliner’s.</p>
<p>Although the company will start taking orders, Freightliner hasn’t yet announced pricing for the electric trucks. Besides the trucks themselves, Freightliner will also offer a service to help customers figure out how to best integrate the trucks and associated equipment into their companies.</p>
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