What is Cerber3 ransomware and how to remove it

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Today we talk about a virus called Cerber3. It appeared on the expanses of the Internet recently, but thanks to its big names and high performance has become one of most dangerous ransomware. This virus has a high code quality, a lack of vulnerabilities and complex encryption. In addition, the virus has been created by experienced developers who take into account the errors in previous versions, and is now going to make us all sweat, decoding it.

What is Cerber ransomware family

Viruses from Cerber family are characterized by their high efficiency and complexity. Cerber virus #1 had appeared in the Network about a year ago, and immediately became the most dangerous, infecting tens of thousands of computers and giving hackers an opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since Cerber viruses use a complex asymmetric encryption algorithm is the AES, decryption is practically impossible, and the only way to deal with the virus – to crack the code, or hack hacker’s site that stores encryption keys. This process requires a lot of time and effort, and the very first Cerber virus was the most successful, took several months of work. Cerber2 version was considerably weaker, and its hacking took less than two weeks. We cannot predict how long it will take Cerber3 hacking the code, but we hope that this will happen as soon as possible.

How Cerber3 works

According to its method of operation Cerber3 is no different from any other ransomware. It penetrates to the computer via trojans, through torrents or via e-mail spamming. If the user often uses free software or pirated media content, he becomes easy prey for many viruses. Security can be only achieved by acquiring licensed content on the official websites. But how to protect yourself from viruses, penetrating to a PC via e-mail? You can do this by making sure that any emails you open are safe. Ransomware use simple penetration scheme: they sent a letter to the user, which should be of interest to him. Naturally, the most user’s interest is the material gain, and hackers know it. The user receives a letter that he has a package waiting in the mail office, but as a result of an error they could not send it to him. User needs to download the documents attached to the letter, fill it in and send to the address for the parcel. Of course, anyone would be happy to receive the parcel, the existence of which he had not even suspected. However, an attachment contains a virus, and if a user opens it – the computer will be infected immediately.

When the user opens the message, the setup file enters the system and begins its work immediately. The virus shows no signs of life until all the data on the user’s computer will be encrypted, and only after that – sends a message with ransom demands. The user receives a message, which indicates the virus configuration and website address for payment. Also, the virus changes the desktop wallpaper and all the encrypted files are assigned to an extension .cerber3. After that, you have only one way to recover the data for free – with the help of backups. In addition to backups, there are other ways of recovery, but they cannot guarantee you success, since most viruses have learned to completely delete files from your computer, or close access to them.

How to remove Cerber3

As long as we cannot provide a working method of data decryption, if you do not want to pay hackers – you need to remove the virus from your computer, and wait until the software decryption will be released. The virus must be removed in order to be able to continue to use the computer without compromising files. Removal can be done manually or by means of special anti-virus program. If you need help in removing Cerber3Health Fitness Articles, or want to learn more about ransomware and the ways to defend your data from it – you should read the extended article about how to remove Cerber3 with detailed instructions and videoguides.