Rid Your Computer of the Google Redirect Virus

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If you’ve noticed that your Google searches are being redirected to
something that has nothing to do with where you’re trying to go, it’s possible
that your computer has contracted the Google Redirect Virus. You may also have
noticed that the page it takes you to is full of pornography, threatening
messages, or pop-ups. This Trojan type virus is spreading like crazy and
getting on everyone’s nerves.



This virus is programmed by coders with too much time on their hands to
push you to pages that THEY want you to visit. These pages are typically filled
with fake software or links to porn websites, hoping to get your credit card
information. Some of these situations might seem unfixable, such as those
websites that keep bombarding you with hundreds of pop-ups until you have to
turn your computer off in order to shut it all down. The more often you have to
shut your computer down like that, the more it negatively affects your


The good news is that you can get rid of the Google Redirect Virus if
your computer has been infected with it. Did you notice things like your
computer running slower than usual, or there are some new icons or backgrounds
on your desktop that you didn’t put there? Do you keep getting tons of pop-ups?
All of these are signs that your computer may have contracted a bad virus, such
as the Google Redirect Virus.


One way to remove this virus is by doing it manually, which is not very
easy. You have to hack into your Windows/System 32 folder. Then you have to
adjust the regedit.exe file. Next, you need to look in the registry folder
appearing in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE drivers’ folder. Adjust entries with the
word “aux” in the filename. Scan through program files that display hidden
files to look for any odd exe files.


The easiest way to remove the Google Redirect Virus is through using an
automatic removal tool. The right tool will not only get rid of the virus but
will locate any other viruses or spyware left over. In additionBusiness Management Articles, this tool can
protect your computer against any viruses attacking in the future. It’s a great
idea to do things this way.