How To Start A Home Business Virus

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It seems like every year around Christmas the flu season kicks into overdrive. No matter how many people get flu shots in the previous weeks the flu virus cannot be stopped. That got me thinking about the question, I wonder how I could start a virus that would be good for my home business?

In this article we will look at using the Internet to create a home business virus.

There is no doubt that the hot thing online today is Web 2.0 marketing. Being able to combine various Internet marketing functions with your home business and make it interactive with Web visitors is by far the best way to create a virus for your home business.

Using tools available to you today such as auto responders, blogging, e-mail marketing, RSS feeds, audio, video, and other things, are a great way to get a buzz going about your business.

If you create something that is unique, controversial, funny, or something along those lines, you can get people talking about it. In Hollywood it has been said there is no such thing as bad publicity. When it comes to spreading the word about your business there is certainly no such thing as a bad Internet marketing virus.

Have you ever been to My Space? Social directories such as this are great place to hang out and meet people with common interests. They are also a great place to get the word out about your business. Just by mentioning something to someone, and then watching them spread the word for you, you can do it in a nonthreatening way.

Adding comments to your blog post is an excellent way to get people talking about you. They can receive updates automatically from you when you allow people to subscribe to your RSS feed. They can post a comment if they like what they read. Even if they do not like what they read they can post a comment!

Making your business more interactive is one of the best ways to start a virus for it. You are probably familiar with the term viral marketingPsychology Articles, and that is exactly what work talking about in this article.

Viral marketing really does not cost you much in terms of money. You have to get the buzz started and then fan the flames until it is going full force.

These are a few ideas on how to start a virus that is good for your home business. Anything that can get people talking about you and visiting your website or blog is good for your business.