4 Usual Wart Types And What Is Causing Them

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To avoid contracting this viral infection and to prevent formation of warts, you need to know what causes warts in first place. Depending upon their shape and site of formation, warts are classified in to many kinds. Dome shaped warts are often observed on the hands, in between fingers, and even on toes. Plantar warts are those which appear on the base of the foot in the plantar region. Flat warts can occur in large numbers on the legs, the face and other parts of the body. Filliform warts usually have a stalk shape and are often noticed on the face. Warts which appear on the genital area are called genital warts. Warts can be passed on in many ways and in this article we are going to discus about what causes warts and how people can avoid getting the HPV virus that produces them.1. Warts on Feet – People who are athletes and spend a lot of time in the locker room or swimmers that are often at the pool are susceptible to developing plantar warts on their feet. These warts appear on the base of foot, the plantar region and hence called plantar warts. The skin on the foot is shed very often and hence the HPV virus is able to infect the skin very easily. This virus is very contagious and mere skin to skin contact is enough to pass on the infection. To protect your feet from this viral infection, you should wear shower sandals every time you visit public places such as locker rooms or changing rooms.2. Hand Warts – The dome form of wart infection can develop behind the knees and on toes but the place they are most common is on the fingers and hands. Contacting an object that has been contaminated with HPV or skin to skin contact with a person suffering from warts can cause infection because the human papillomavirus is so contagious. The more people or things that an individual has physical contact with or touches during their day the more vulnerable they are to HPV virus infection.3. Face Warts – Some strains of the HPV virus could affect the facial skin and cause wart formation in this area. Filliform and flat warts are often associated with the face and tend to be more embarrassing than warts in other places owing to their visibility. These two kinds of warts are usually spread by sharing items such as razors, washcloths and towels and also by skin to skin contact. Don’t share items that contact the face and try not to come into physical contact with person that has warts.4. Genital Type Warts – Sexual contact with a person infected by HPV is the prime route of transmission of this viral strain that causes genital warts. This viral strain is highly contagious and therefore could be passed on by mere skin to skin contact. Using condoms does not help to lower the chances of HPV infection because it does not cover up the entire area. The HPV virus can also be transmitted to the mouth during oral sex as it is so contagious.
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