Ever Rising Popularity of Wholesale Beads

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Buy wholesale beads from two or more stores, because different online stores offer different beads and different prices.  For example, some stores have big selections, but the prices are not the best; and the other stores sell glass beads at a great price, but another store offers them at lower prices than the first one.

Women love jewelry. This is an established fact. Women also are experimental and artistically inclined in choosing a piece for its design, motif and suitability. This makes the bead-jewelry a highly popular item in demand all over the world. From Europe to America and from Asia to Australia the bead-jewelry holds sway over the women of every country. This has given rise to a number of merchants dealing in wholesale beads for the benefit of designers and producers of bead-jewelry.

An important feature of the bead-jewelry is the design. This requires a mix of all kinds of beads to string a piece together. A combination of various types of beads mixing the glass beads, the wooden and acrylic beads etc. with spacers and clasps will give a wonderful look to the design of the jewelry. This requires purchasing of beads in wholesale to bring down the final price of the item. Therefore wholesale beads are sold the world over in single as well as mixture packs of assorted kinds, mixed bags of the same kind but with different motifs, shapes and sizes and assorted bead packs of the same material.

The demand of beads for jewelry making has given rise to a worldwide industry of producing and selling beads in wholesale. These beads are produced with different materials and in various shapes and sizes and offered to designers and producers through online portals and specific franchise outlets. Online portals are particularly helpful in making wholesale beads a big trend in jewelry making industry.

The beads are famously produced in countries that are traditionally known for bead production. There are some other places also where cheap labour has made production sustainable on low prices. Some of the famous producers are Japan, China, India, Czechoslovakia and Thailand. All these countries have known the art of making beads for a very long time. The early start of the industry has given them an edge over other places like America, Austria etc. for producing and selling beads.

Some of the famous products available in wholesale on web portals are swarovski crystals, acrylic, bone made, glass, gems and semi-precious gems, metal, pearls, porcelain, shell, wood and seeds. These are produced with a variety of holes for using a large and diverse stringing material available for jewelry making. The beads of assorted colours are available as special package in wholesale. These colours range from black, blue, brown, aqua, copper, cream, green, grey, iridescent, purple, water coloured and in fact all the primary and secondary colours. The sizes differ from 2 mm to 20 mm that include special beads of 14mm 19 and over 20 mm.

Some of the famous beads in wholesale supply are colourful beads like rhinestone beads, large and small hole crystals and swirl beads, ribbons, large faceted, lamp work, ying yang and Christmas beads with suitable motifs. The shapes are also varied like cone, star, round, animal shapes, tie-dye, bicones, striped, embed designed in flatScience Articles, round and oval shapes. Wholesale beads in religious motifs are also famous.