Covid-19 Update for Residents Returning to UAE

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Coronavirus has set an unprecedented threat to the society, lifes human beings and the economy of the world. However, the government in most countries have resorted to the traditional ways of dealing with the virus, until a vaccine is released that is quarantine or restrictions to travel.

As in earlier times, it was easy to impose such limitations due to less international travel, however, with the presence of international business curtailing flights and imposing travel restrictions is a big loss to the several companies altogether.

Nevertheless, many countries are lifting such travel restrictions gradually for allowing residents to visit their home or their place of work. Similarly, the government of the UAE has issued new guidelines for residents willing to enter the country or to their employment.

Immigration Lawyers of Dubai will highlight such guidelines in the following paragraphs for your references:

The afore-mentioned guidelines issued by the Government of Dubai is a joint effort of the airlines and the government and are subject to changes as we evolve in the corona situations. ThereforeHealth Fitness Articles, all our readers are advised to approach the relevant authorities or Legal Consultants to seek a proper update on the guidelines issued by the government and shall take all precautionary measures before travelling to UAE or travelling outside the country. We sincerely hope you and your family are safe and practicing safe health and hygiene practices to avoid direct contact with the virus.