Functions and role of glutathione

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Glutathione supplier recently recommended a number of ways to enhance immune function
within a relatively short period. In addition to general surgery, it also
referred that supply 50 mg glutathione a day is good for quickly enhancing the
body immunity.

Glutathione is using natural yeast extracts as the
main raw material, from glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine peptide bonds
through condensation, with high nutritional value, have hepatoprotective,
antioxidant effects, rich in amino acids, peptide, vitamins, trace elements. Glutathione
is widespread in the organism of plants and the clamshell type, garlic and
seafood rich in glutathione, which is probably the reason why the North,
coastal people have better physique.

Glutathione’s other function is even more
impressive, can effectively improve the activity of brain cells. Animal’s liver
is a good brain healthy product, a large part of the reason is that it contains
a wealth of glutathione. More and more scientific clinical experiments have
shown that after the body’s glutathione increase, it is good for digestive
system, respiratory system, metabolism and so on. United States leading medical
experts predicted: “glutathione would quickly like the cholesterol becames
one of the indicators to measure health”. Although glutathione is widely
used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics material, but its extraction is difficult, thus the price is very expensive,
is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Currently, glutathione and yeast extract powder have
a lot of demand in food, feed processing agents, so that in strengthening the
bread’s flavor is also reflected in a number of ways. First, the yeast extract rich
in glutathione is a high quality nutritious fresh-increasing agent and flavor
enhancer, have increase fresh effects on bread. Especially
when flavor nucleotides and glutathione mixed together have a strong flavor of
meat. Second, yeast extracts containing glutathione have reduction effect, can
shorten the dough kneading time, even after the kneading, save a certain amount
of time will not affect thawing after fermentation, so that produce good
quality bread. Used in bread recipe can increase bread soft and elastic bread
baking. Third, add glutathione in flour product processing can reduce surface
water usage, improve the rheological properties of dough, large-scale
controlled viscosity of dough, reduce dough strength and make it easy to mixing
and extrusion, and may shorten the drying time. In addition, also have the role
of maintaining the product’s existing color, can effectively prevent the
enzymatic and non-enzymatic browning, inhibit amino acid and glucose produces
colored and harmful substances under heating.

Glutathione chemical name:
n-(N-L-r-Glutamyl-L-cysteninyl) glycine. Can be divided into reduced
glutathione and oxidized glutathione. Commonly glutathione was referred to as
reduced glutathione, is a tripeptide composed by r-glutamic acid, cysteine,
glycine. Glutathione is the body’s major active substance, it has free radical
scavenging, detoxification, promotes iron absorption and maintaining red blood
cell membrane integrity, maintaining normal DNA biosynthesisFree Articles, cell growth and
cell-mediated immunity and other physiological functions.