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For a consecutive year the demand for residential properties does not pass away. From the beginning of 2007,home  prices have raised up  with average 15-20 % ,as in some regions ,the height reaches 25 %.

Brokers have forecasted 10 –15% smooth height for the whole 2007,but these levels were “eaten”  by 4-5 months.

The great rise in price is in  Varna districts “Mladost” and “Vazrajdane” – with 25%.New development in the capital district “Mladost “ also goes up with nearly 20 % from the beginning of this year.

The market is dynamic-in support is the fact that the term for sale of a good valued estate is reduced to 60 days . During the last year the period needed for completion of the deal was 90 days. Bulgaria joining the EU is factor number 1.After the 1-st of January the country attracts richer investors, who want to invest their funds in properties in Bulgaria.

“It is to hard to predict till when the boom will continue, but no calm down can be seen on the horizon.           Last months of the year are most profitable, the market  expect that till the end of 2007Find Article,residences to add at least 10% of its value.

Most sought are the properties from the middle segment.- at the prices between 50 000 –70 000 EUR

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