Donald Trump and Bill Zanker’s “Think Big and Kick Ass” An Enlightened Review

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You know how people and books seem to come into your life when you most need them or can absorb their message? That is my experience and what I experienced with this book. Well, I finally found the time to read this book and only wish I had not waited so long. I have had this book sitting on my end table since just after Christmas as my wife bought it for me as a present. This is a must have book!

“Trump: Think Big and Kick Ass” is written with Bill Zanker who is the founder of The Learning Annex. The Learning Annex Wealth Expos is the company which presents these throughout the country, and with all of those great speakers in the many different fields. This book is a quick read even though it is 357 pages in length. Learning the information being imparted in the text, the format of the book is congruent. There is the initial chapter divided up with Donald Trump’s point of view on the subject and supported by Bill Zanker’s take on the same subject and from his point of view. To top this off, there is a chapter summary of a paragraph or two and then a bulleted list of the “Key Points” of the chapter you just read. This format for the book makes reading it even more fun as you come to look forward to the different parts of each chapter.

Both Donald Trump and Bill Zanker delve into many of the subjects we are all interested in on a daily basis in our search and journey to success in any given field. They evaluate areas including going from small to big thinking, do you have what it takes, passion for what you do, basic instincts, luck, fear, and then putting it all together in the last chapter. While enjoying this read I found I had many “ah ha” moments.

I will admit right up front that I didn’t even bother reading the chapters on “Revenge” and “I love you, sign this. Why, because I don’t care about those subjects. I already know what Donald Trump thinks about revenge and revenge delves too much on the negatives in life. I also don’t care about prenups as I’ve been married to my “first wife” for 34 years now. Why should I bring that into my life? As one brings to themselves what they think about the most, I like to work on positive thoughts and information. Just my personal insight and opinion but positive begets positive.

I would highly recommend this book for your library for anyone on a journey of personal development. Of course, I like whatever Donald Trump has to say as he is one of the most unique and outgoing personalities in the business world in this country. Couple his thoughts and beliefs with those of Bill Zanker and you get one quality book full of great ideas and experiences. How can you go wrong listening to what these to people have to share? I really enjoyed the interaction of Donald Trump and his impact on Bill Zanker’s life from their first meeting. Very enlightening!

Another unique and awesome part of this book’s format is at the end, they include frequently asked questions of Donald Trump at the Learning Annex Wealth Expos and his answers. In addition they have testimonials from participants of the Wealth Expos and to top it off, there is a great “Recommended Must Reads.” I also liked the partial list of Wealth Expo speakers and the different categories. I was amazed at the number of speakers I recognized. I, for one, would love to invest in such an Expo and increase my awareness and focus on life through these speaker’s experiences.

To those on the same journey of personal self development, I highly recommend this book and also suggest you pass it on. Investing the time and money into this bookArticle Submission, you can’t lose.

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