How Mobile App Development Counter COVID-19 Impact?

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Large portion of the applications created are centered around following and controling the spread of the infection. Experience the blog to get total data how portable application designers are bringing out thoughts for various business verticals in COVID-19.

The whole world is facing the outbreak of the Covid-19 and it has ruptured our lives with complete lockdown imposed. The whole world is together fighting the battle by imposing all necessary precautions & restrictions. However, the number of COVID-19 patients is growing at a rapid pace across the globe. To deal with the consequences, entrepreneurs are looking for the backup plan for their business survival by investing in Mobile app development in the current market.

App developers are doing numerous efforts around the Covid-19 outbreak to build new ways of dealing with the crisis. Although most of the apps developed are focused on tracking & curbing the spread of the virus. Go through the blog to get complete information how mobile app developers are bringing out ideas for different business verticals in the middle of COVID-19.

1. E-commerce

The sudden implication of lockdown, made the whole world population to stay at home. This has resulted into high surge for daily essentials E-commerce platforms came for people rescue. Online marketplaces are getting high number of orders for many reasons and here are the proofs:

• Sanitary items like toilet papers, alcohol-based sanitizers, antibacterial sprays, masks, are in huge demand.

• The sale of these products has been increased and brands hire mobile app developers to build e-commerce apps to sell products online.

2. E-Learning

As schools, universities and colleges are shut students are attending virtual classes. The educational institutions have started to transform and opted for online education. E-learning is helping entire education industry and is trending among teachers as well. Smart classrooms and mobile apps for interactive and better learning are in demand to encourage social distancing.

• More than 50% of education firms are investing in mobile application development to provide timely services to students, & teachers.

• The e-learning industry will cross $400 billion by the end of 2025.

3. Supply Chain & Logistic Firms

The complete business machinery will fail if the supply chain is interrupted. Even during the lockdown, the government permitted essential products delivery to avoid rush in the market. With proper supply of daily essentials, consumers would be able to get their daily items or other household products by using a mobile app. This is all possible because of the wide network of supply chain and distribution centers. It is a big reason to consider this mobile app development idea for business amid COVID-19.

4. Healthcare & Fitness

Although government agencies & healthcare service providers are doing all sorts of efforts these days, mobile apps are helping them to improve the remote healthcare system. We all know that timely medical help and proper healthcare is crucial during this isolation time. Mobile app development services are taking proper tips from on-demand doctors or caretakers, expert advice for fitness and boosting immunity, healthcare consultations, and other experts to build a mobile app.

So, these are some of the mobile app development ideas for different business sectors during the COVID-19. Apart from these ideas, mobile app developers have developed some prominent apps to counter and track the impact of COVID-19.

Let’s see some of the most trending mobile apps for people safety.

1. TraceTogether

TraceTogether is a popular app that uses Bluetooth technique to track infected people and send notification that was in close proximity to them. The app doesn’t collect any data regarding GPS location or network. This app works on the concept of Temporary ID and when two people having app are close to each other the ID is generated. This ID clears whether the person is infected or not.

2. CovidWatch

This app helps people to protect themselves without the need of sharing their privacy. It implements Bluetooth signals to identify users and alerts them if they were in contact with an infected person. It has been among the mobile app development to release an open-source protocol for saving privacy with decentralized Bluetooth tracing.

3. HaMagen

The app uses contact tracing to curb the spread of the virus infection. The app sends notifications to know if in the past 15 days they were close to anyone identified as positive. Once the app is installed, his movements are tracked with location technology. If it shows that a particular user has come in contact with an infected person, the app redirects the person to the website where he/she can register for the self-quarantine.

4. Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu has become a highly popular app downloaded by more than 100 million users. The app has been developed by Indian government to notify users if they have come in contact with someone who has been diagnosed positive. The complete functionality is based on the Bluetooth and a location-generated graph. The mobile app developers has integrated AI features and asks user a few questions, and if the responses indicate symptoms then the person information is sent to the government servers for quarantine.

5. COVID Symptom Tracker

This app has been designed under the guidance of doctors and researchers. The app studies the symptoms of the virus and also helps to track it spread. The experts analyze high-risk areas, speed of the virus spread, and other vulnerabilities based on health conditions. The app data is used only for healthcare research and not for commercial activities.

Wrapping Up

The impact of COVID-19 rippled the world economy alongside causing huge damage to millions of lives. Similarly the businesses are dealing with hundreds of uncertain challenges for their survival, we’re strongly hopeful that once they hire mobile app developers they can easily survive in the market. During this time epidemicFree Reprint Articles, we need to stay alert and safe at home as well. We hope the blog helped your business goals amid COVID.

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