All About The Google Redirect Virus And How To Fix It

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  The Google Redirect is not like a lot of other viruses. It doesn’t
install any rogue files or applications in your system. What is does is change
the files that runs Windows. Once it has created the changes, it simply
disappears from your system, making it impossible for anti-virus programs to
find and eradicate it. This is a small difference but it’s also what makes the
majority of anti-virus and anti-malware applications ineffective in identifying
or removing this virus.


The way the Google Redirect Virus operates is to “inject” its own links
into the redirections made by your computer. Whenever you use the Internet, a
lot websites you visit redirect you. This can be due to the pages having
changed location, or you’ve somehow encountered an error on the site. Major search
engines will also redirect you through links of their own before you land where
you want to be. That’s why a lot of people get this virus by using Google or
other search engines. It’s also why the virus is named the Google Redirect
Virus. To cure it, you’ve got to fix the infected settings on your computer.


You’ll need to correct the damaged or corrupted settings. In order to do
this, you must use specific software that’s been designed to do so. One tool
that has been able to fix the Google Redirect Virus is called Combofix. A large
security company created this tool. It works by following a script that will
fix any damaged files. This program can be downloaded right from your Internet.
Once you download itFeature Articles, Combofix will use a script to run and rid your computer
of all infected settings. Then this vicious virus will be gone.


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