Why Online Airfare prices are cheaper and how prices on one site are different from prices on competitor sites?

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Airlines work with consolidators to help fill up unsold airline seat inventory, which may otherwise go empty and generate no revenue for the airline. Fares are often deeply discounted – up to 70% off of the regular published fares. Due to such discounts there are a lot of consolidators willing to distribute them. That means that the same fare might be viewed by hundreds of people at the same time from anywhere in the world and who ever will clicks to get it first will get it for the price consolidator was selling it for. Yes, for the price consolidator was selling it for. You should remember that consolidators add their preferred mark up on top of the priced given by airlines. Sure, that’s consolidator’s profit, but a lot of different and mostly smaller sites, like www.worldcheaper.com for example, would add $50 on top of the price instead of $150 or even $200 like big ones do. Before you get a ticket we would suggest to search around, try seeing all possible sites (rates). You can purchase the same ticket for different price from different consolidators. Sure you have to remember to make sure, that you are buying from the original site and not from the affiliate. Most of the affiliates don’t have good and quick reply support and won’t be able to do things like canceling ticket or changing name on the ticket. One of the ways to check is to look on the bottom task bar of the Internet Explorer and see the URL that displayed while you search. If it’s different from URL that you see in your upper URL Address barArticle Submission, then it’s an affiliate. Good luck finding a lowest fare.

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