Tips And Tricks For Dining Post Covid

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COVID-19 was like an unexpected blow to the entire hospitality industry. It has completely changed the way they do business. The safety of staff and customers is the top priority of every restaurateur. The present situation has added to this concern. There are lots of ways in which you can be the haven for your customers post-COVID. You just need to know about the right direction to work towards. Try adopting technology such as digital waiter app at your restaurant. Maintain high standards of cleanliness. This is your chance to impress your customers even more. Follow these simple tips and you are good to go.

Dine-in has finally reopened after shutdown but there are still lots of lingering questions regarding the safety of customers. Their expectations of the restaurant have also changed during this time. So, it is crucial to assure them that you are doing the best that you can for their safety. 

From a digital waiter app to online payments, lots of restaurants have adopted technology as a means to start more secure operations. Listed below are few tips and tricks that your can also implement for safer dining post-COVID.

If you reduce the physical touchpoints for your staff as well as the customers, it will work in your favour. Avoid unnecessary interaction by making most of your processes digitalized. This will encourage a healthier environment for all.

Using a digital waiter app is the best practice in the current scenario. Menus are one of the most touched objects in any restaurant. But with online ordering, you can eliminate their need. Most such ordering apps have the option for online menu, waiter assistance, payment etc.

Cash flow is a fast way to spread the virus from one person to the other. So, start taking online payments only. However, make sure that you inform about it to your customers. You can post about it on your website, social channels, or put up signs outside your venue.

Covering your hands and mouth is the first line of defence against the coronavirus. Make it compulsory for your staff to use gloves and masks inside the venue for their own safety. This will establish your restaurant as a haven among customers.

Most of the governments have started various programs and training to promote a healthier work environment. You can let your staff be a part of such programs so that they can learn better on how to keep themselves and their workplace safer.

Always stay updated on your employee’s health status. It is important for you to ensure that they are doing well. You also need to make changes in your medical leave policies and make them more flexible so that employees don’t come to the restaurant if they have any symptoms.

Using a digital waiter app and POS, you can social distance more effectively at your venue. Manage your reservations accordingly. Keep your tables at least 1.5 meters apart from each other. Make sure that the crowd in your restaurant stays controlled. It is important to do safe business for longer than risking everything for getting more orders.

Customers will obviously expect high standards of cleanliness while they dine. It is your duty to live up to their satisfaction. You can also implement the strategy of cleaning up in front of your customers at times. This wayHealth Fitness Articles, they will be more convinced.

Do follow all the above-mentioned points. They will help you to keep your restaurant safe and successfully running post-COVID.

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